Symptoms over the years

Symptoms (Note that many symptoms come and go/vary in intensity month to month, so I've tried my best to lay them out here as they progress).


Weight gain, foggy thinking, trouble focusing on tasks, forgetfulness, mood swings, and very brief hot flashes. Had a few cold flashes. Low blood pressure ~108/60, but no dizziness whatsoever. Extreme hunger flare ups and carb cravings for fatty/salty foods.

-Weird cold which started with one day of a sore throat followed by 3 days of a classic cold which ended with a nagging cough that would last for months.

-Sensitive gum area that bleeds randomly.

-Occasional cramps every couple of months.

-Seem to heal extremely fast from cuts (1-3 days avg)

-Infrequent leg cramps

- Peeing blood after adrenaline rushes with some pain or extertion (temporary).

-Lots of urinary tract infections

-Insomnia-go to sleep fine, but wake up in the middle of the night and takes about 2 hrs to fall back asleep. Determined this to be cortisol-related.

-Started getting jaw problems (lockjaw)/deterioration. My dentist in 2013 said that it could be hormone related or the effect from the catilage breaking down on one side causing the bone on the other side to deteriorate due to uneven jaw.

-Had bad IBS attack which made bleeding worse with some clots.


-Frequent dry vaginal area

-Mood swings

-Irregular bleeding for 2 years (2011-2012). First year was pretty much non-stop very light bleeding. Second year I started getting gaps varying from 1-21 days once a month. By April of 2013 irregular bleeding stopped suddenly and started to steadily lose weight.

-Weight stayed pretty steady.

-Stubborn belly fat which was one of the first symptoms.


End of 2013-Beginning 2014

Hives on feet and arms. Honey seems to be one cause, but unsure and not really willing to find out again of it is since it was extremely itchy and uncomfortable for a week after the fact. Cinnamon, tomatoes and paprika were other possible causes.
Update:Tomatoes have been ruled out.

-All previous symptoms carrying over.


-Lighter/shorter “periods” (4-7 days instead of 10-12 days I had before hormone imbalance).

-Bad back aches before periods occasionally.

-Still was breaking out in hives up to March 2014 and noticed that they seem to occur during 2nd half of my cycle. I found that there’s something called Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis which might explain it since my progesterone levels might be returning to normal, but my body was treating it as a foreign invader making me break out in hives. I haven’t had any hives since March, so I’m wondering of my body just determined it was not foreign after all.

-Tender breasts occasionally.

-Bigger gaps between bleeding (25-38 days).

-No more adrenaline rushes and if I do, no bleeding as a result.

-Insomnia-go to sleep fine, but wake up in middle of night and it takes 1.5 hrs to fall back asleep.

-Now as of end 2014-2015 paprika causes light bleeding still.

-Have still foggy thinking, trouble focusing on tasks, and forgetfulness once in a while.

-Afternoon crashes between 2-4 pm. Noticed that I also get very tired after having a fruit smoothie consisting of strawberries and/or banana.

- Mood swings and brief hot flashes occur about once a month now.

-“Skinny” first thing in the morning and swell up as the day goes by. Not bloat since there’s no pain or feeling of fullness. Seems more like distention. Looks like it ended up being water weight and some fat.

-Dry skin. Itchy arms/legs.

-Did not get this cold with nagging cough in 2014.

April 2015

-Menstrual pattern for 2015
Jan-Periodic spotting over a few days
February-First period that lasted 5 days
March-25th day
April-27th day.
May-30th day

-Dragging my feet/sluggish feeling which is still ongoing- a big difference from the constant on the go/hyped energy I had up to then. Everything seems to take more effort now-even exercise and I just feel very detached from my body for lack of a better way of describing it. I'm still forcing myself to walk at least 6 days a week and do weights 3 days a week to keep that end up (Total exercise time a day is 45 min-1hr tops).

-A few weeks later the sleeping problems began-waking up in the middle of the night (almost daily now and taking a big toll on me now since I've averaging about 4-5 hrs of sleep a night now). The lack of sleep seems to have lead to a little bit of depression which I had 3 days ago for 2 days on and off which I managed to snap out of. I'm currently seeing what I can add to my diet to offset the depression aspect because that is new for me and I know it's most likely estrogen related since I never had that before. I've found that taking a small nap in the early afternoon, especially when I can't function anymore also helps and I actually sleep for exactly 45 minutes and wake up refreshed by myself and can last the rest of the day better.

-Balance problems which is very unusual since I've always had excellent balance even with my hearing loss. I had my hearing test done about a month or 2 ago, which had to be done anyways, and he said that my hearing levels are still the same as 4 years ago, so I guess it's not hearing-related per se.

-Continuing foggy thinking/forgetfullness
like mixing numbers up and forgetting to do things.

-Finding myself putting off stuff quite a bit these days making everything even more frustrating since it's very unlike me.

-Hot flashes now seem to occur mostly with warm weather, getting stressed or eating something spicy. I don't get the light film/sweat ones anymore-just get warm only and for very long periods at a time. Spend a lot of time in light clothes as long as temps are above 69F.

-Big increase in light "peach fuzz" in my face-particularly upper lip and chin. Not too much black hairs like before though.

-Had cold again this year.

August 2015

-Continued Menstrual pattern for 2015
June- skipped, but had really nasty breast tenderness.
July- 48th day
August- 34th day
September-31st day

-Very light periods for last few months.

-Have been holding steady at 116 lbs the last few weeks.

-Sluggish feeling has decreased a little and starting to get more things done again. Energy levels still seem on the low side, but forcing myself to get more things done.

-Have good and bad days sleeping, but averaging 6 hrs a night.

-Balance problems has improved again.

- Just get extremely warm which now seems to occur mostly now with exercise or getting agitated almost instantaneously. Notice a little decrease in occurences now.

-Still have shoulder pains lying on them or moving arms certain ways, but tailbone pain has improved with faster "recovery" time if I do sit too long.

-Beginning August I started getting nasty joint/tendon/ligament pain out of the blue. It all began when I got up from a chair and I felt something slip in my wrist area and a twinge of pain. Within minutes I was black and blue in that area, but it cleared up within a few days. During the next few days all joints in my thumbs and tops of BOTH hands were hurting pretty bad. Since I can't take any pain relievers, I just had to deal with it "raw". I still have times that I "grip things/move my hands wrong" with the same effect, but no bruising. My right shoulder acted up along with middle of bicep which feels more like a tendon thing too, but only occurs when I move my arm a certain way. My lower back, (sacrum/tailbone area), started to hurt and for a few days I could not sit or even lie down since the pain there was so bad. Periodically my tailbone will hurt. Might be my weight loss due to far less cushioning there or Thyroid as well since normal TSH doesn't necessarily mean the Thyroid is functioning correctly overall I've found. I did not fall on it, so I'm guessing maybe that my ligaments there have loosened up due to lower estrogen maybe putting it out of alignment a little?

-I've upped my walking to make up for the "weights break" I'm undergoing now until my joints get better again.

-Came upon a fascinating article that might explain my constant elevated cortisol levels. It seems like visceral fat is known to pump out cortisol hormones in particular! The problem is the best way of getting an accurate measurement of that is via MRI. I got one of those hand held body fat measurement tools and it says 25-27% body fat with 21-22 BMI. I know they are not known to be accurate, but it gives me a good idea of I'm on the right path at the least! Now I wish I could figure out how much of that is visceral fat?

-Found that if I eat high sugar/carb dinners I run into the waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall asleep situations a lot more than if I have a small/high protein dinner. I still get groggy after eating meals as well during the day, but it doesn't seem to matter of it's carbs, protein or fruit now. I also find that my body seems to like it more if I have a large lunch and small dinner which seems so backwards for me. Sometimes if I have a good lunch, I can have a very small dinner and not get hungry at all during the night/early morning which is really intriguing to me!

-Found no increase in energy as of late, so I guess I'm stuck in "slow-mo" for the long haul now. :-| Still putting off stuff too. <grr> Still have balance problems as well as foggy thinking/forgetfullness.

-Eating more sunflower seeds (Vitamin E), so I'm now more "upbeat" in general.

-Starting to feel warmer almost all the time now, so I have to dress light ALL the time. Very little sweating. All the heat seems internal since my skin is cool to the touch and my temperature is normal.

-Still lots of hair on upper lip and chin.

September-Oct 2015


-Tailbone pain has diminished quite a bit, but still flares up once in awhile. Still have flareups of right shoulder pain when laying on it or moving my arm certain ways. Left shoulder/neck is fine now.

-Starting to sleep better more often, but have good nights and bad nights.

-Starting to be productive once again and not putting stuff off as much!

-Balance has also improved for the most part.

-Got that weird cold again beginning Sept 2015, now have the nagging cough for the last few days.

-More black hairs on face/particularly upper lip .

November 2015


-Forgetfulness and foggy thinking are still very persistent symptoms.

-Still have right shoulder as well as bicep tendon pain-undergoing therapy for that.

-Had midcycle spotting (ovulation)

-Sleeping is still better overall.

-Now ~112 lbs. Still trying to find a balance of eating enough, but not too much since I have to limit exercise.

December 2015-Feb 2016


-Forgetfulness is still a very persistent symptom, but seems to be improving.

-Still have right shoulder as well as bicep tendon pain which had increased in intensity. Had MRI done which showed tendonitis in one of the rotator cuff muscles called the Subscapularis. Currently undergoing 3rd round of therapy for that.

-Sleeping is still better overall, but have bad nights here and there..

-Now ~116 lbs. Big limit in exercise-only therapy related and walking once a week if that.

-In February 2016 I started getting daily headaches and cold hands/feet. Got my thyroid and blood sugar tested which both came back normal. Also happens to eliminate some other causes for shoulder pain as well.

Mar 2016-May 2018


-Forgetfulness has improved tremendously over the last few months.

-Therapy did not help my shoulder at all. Faced with the option of surgery or cortisone shots I went for a second opinion and it turned out to be a misaligned clavicle muscle. Shoulder is now back to almost 100%.

-Started getting dizziness standing up from a crouching position, but the sea salt seemed to fix that.

-Sleeping has improved quite a bit. Now getting 6-7 hrs of sleep a night.

-Now ~113 lbs and getting more lean and muscular with some abs showing along with less bloating in the abdomen.

-Resuming exercise but on a limited basis of 30 min every other day tops. I do 5 min jog, "The Rack" curls, therapy band stretches, dumbbell curl holds and bodyblading. I walk only 1-2 times a week if that as well. Will walk at least once a week when weather improves.

-Have been using the Vitamin D/Sperti Lamp for the last month. Will get tested next month to see of it helps.


May 2018-April 2019

-Big decrease with bloating and toning up more due to accidental discovery from my Holistic Doc and myself concerning food sensitivities and after removing most meats from my diet except chicken and fish. As a result my cholesterol dropped 42 points in 9 months (Mar 2018-Dec 2018)!

-Sleeping 7-8 hrs a night with no problems

-Weight is staying very stable at 114-118lbs where my high end of the weight occurs before my period along with bloating due to water retention.

-Increase in pimples along with greasy hair and skin at times

-Have been using the Vitamin D/Sperti Lamp for the last month. Will get tested next month to see of it helps.

-Find that I can eat honey and cinnamon again with no reaction.

April 2019-Current

-Sleeping 7-8 hrs a night with no problems

-Weight is staying very stable at 114-118lbs where my high end of the weight occurs before my period along with bloating due to water retention.

-My periods have become very regular. Having 21-28 day cycles since October 2018.

-Had loss of energy and extreme fatigue for some time due to vitamin B12 deficiency from eating less meat that has improved taking Vitamin B12 supplements.