My name is Marlies and after a few years of battling hormone imbalance I decided to start a site and forum back in 2014 to raise awareness of this that comes in a lot of variations and degrees of symptoms.

After finally making progress over the last few years without medications, I'm looking to share my experiences and observations in the hope that others can learn and get their Hormone Imbalance under control.

My biggest reasons for creating this site are:

1>Have a one point resource patients can access to help each other out via a database  as well as my second forum where you can leave your experiences about dealing with hormone imbalance as a guest or member (you can remain anonymous too). This is a place to recognize other people that share the same objectives, goals as well as focused on balancing hormone imbalance. Links, stories, observations, etc. are welcome!

By having a collection of individual cases, patterns might emerge that might open more doors on other potential treatments, etc. Hormone imbalance is a very complex topic and I'm still learning something about it years later due to trial and error and tons of research. I also hope doctors and medical students that visit here can learn something as well and maybe some info here can help them with cases they might have with patients. 

If you'd like to fill out a questionnaire with specific data you can access the form here. Data from this form will be put in my database which can be seen here and set up to show patterns, etc.

2>Also there is ongoing work on getting a collection of relevant links together to help with research for those wanting to improve symptoms, etc. They can be seen on my first forum at http://fixhormoneimbalance.forumotion.com/ If you have any interesting links to contribute, feel free to post or LMK the link(s) and I'll post them.

3>Since there is no Hormone Imbalance Directory out there, I've decided to set one up allowing other related websites to be listed.

Hormone Imbalance Directory

In the directory, click the “Submit A Link” button on the left side to submit your link if interested. There are 3 different plans to choose from.

Let's work together on finding ways towards getting those hormones lined up and balanced naturally!